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Produced by Sazón de María 

Published on February 12, 2024

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New Release

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The sailboat

Release 2019 

Produced by Sazon de María and Colmillo Estudio

Letter, Voz and congas: Yaz Machaen

Electric guitar: Vladimir Garnica

Drummer: Chema Gonzalez

Bass: Marcos Porras

Cover Photo: Frank Cortés

DIscorafia Sazon de Maria

Album Sazón de María

Produced by Sazón de María 

Published  June 2018

Listen hereui.

Available on all platforms

Yaz Machaen: Lyrics and Voice

Vladimir Garnica: Acoustic/electric guitar, Cuban tres, jaranas, son and quijada guitar.

Guest Musicians:

Chema Gonzalez: Congas and minor percussion.

Lalo Vazquez: bass and double bass

Eugenio Dinza: trombones

Alonso Borja: Puerto Rican Four

Dario Abdalá: Djembe

Recording: Vladimir Garnica at Sazonando Records and Furia Records.

Mixing and Mazterization: Erick Urbina at Reso Mastering.

Metal Arrangements: Eugenio Dinza

Percussion arrangements: Chema Gonzalez and Manuel Gonzalez

Cover art: Ector.

Label: Pentagrama Editions


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